The Popularity of Sonos Continues to Grow

Sonos play 1In the old days you had to run hundreds of feet of wire throughout your house to get audio in every room.  It generally required cutting holes in the ceiling and volume control knobs in each room as well.  Sonos has literally changed the market when it comes to whole house audio.  Now manufacturers such as URC are building specific interfaces into their products to better handle the capabilities of this powerful music system.

A Focus on Simplicity

The biggest selling point of the Sonos system is the simplicity of the system.  This includes everything from setup, use, and even troubleshooting.  ‘Coming from the world of custom integration there is literally nothing that can compare with how easy the Sonos system is to setup and configure’ says Kevin of Twist Technology in Birmingham AL.

However, one of the complaints of Sonos users is that the same interface isn’t available from all in one remotes and control systems such as Crestron, Control4, and Savant.  This is starting to change.

Universal Remote Control (URC) has had an Ethernet based remote system for quite some time.  Now they have officially integrated the Sonos interface into their system, enabling users to continue to use the simple and efficient controls that they are familiar with when using their Sonos as a stand-alone system.

Here is some information from

URC provided a static display of Sonos integration at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in February, alongside a display of Denon Heos, a new Sonos competitor.

At the time, URC SVP and general manager Doug Cole said both the Sonos and Heos drivers should be ready in April.

In general, URC has been hastening its driver development and now offers about 75 two-way modules, most recently adding Lutron Caseta lighting and shade control, Aprilaire thermostats, DSC security systems, Fusion Ovation music streamers and the KNX European control protocol.

URC touts the fact that its drivers are developed by the third-party manufacturers themselves or by URC’s own engineers, “thereby giving URC greater control over quality and continuity of the drivers.”

The Sonos module is now available for download through URC Control Room, the dealer-only portal.

This is a big step forward for both URC and Sonos lovers as previously you would have to exit any remote interface and open the Sonos app to enjoy the full functionality of your music system.

Changing Home Audio

While Sonos has made a huge marketing push to end users, more and more integrators are coming to rely heavily upon the system as it offers several important benefits.  For one it is extremely easy to install.  Designing and installing a system can be done in a matter of a day.  This is drastically different than traditional whole house audio systems.

The addition of other wireless components such as the sound bar and sub have enabled Sonos to carve a niche in the home theater systems market as well.  Audio Video Experts of Los Angeles has made a business out of setting up home theater system with Sonos is a matter of a few minutes and can easily be configured by even the least technical person.

Given the popularity with consumers, expect to see more companies in the control space offering Sonos interfaces for their remotes.

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What’s the Best Way to Get Audio Throughout Your House?

Here at the Encore Music center we have all you need for learning to play your favorite musical instrument.  But we enjoy listening to music as well.  Recently we’ve started carrying products that not only help you learn to play music yourself, but that allow you to listen to your music anywhere and at any time you like

Home Audio Systems

Listening to your favorite music in any room of your house has never been easier.  There are literally dozens of products out there that can help you stream music to any room in your entire house without having to run a single wire.  One such product is Sonos.  The Sonos system is incredibly easy to set up and configure.  It produces rich high quality sound all with the touch of a button from you favorite smart phone or tablet.

You can listen to a wide variety of your favorite online music sources such as Pandora, Rhapsody, iHeartRadio, and more.  You can also access your own CDs from an iPod or other music storage device.

A Sonos system can also be used to create a home theater system using their soundbar and subwoofers.  The only thing you’ll need at each speaker location is power.

Using this system you can quickly and easily add music to any room in your home.  You can read more about these systems at  Here you’ll find a great deal of information on how to setup your system for the best possible performance.  The best part about the system is that it is so simple to control.  Many home theater or house audio systems require complicated and expensive Control4 home automation systems to operate them.  Not so with the Sonos system.  They’ve designed it to be as simple as possible.

And that is the main reason we have decided to start carrying this system.  We hope you’ll come in to check it out or to listen to our demo system.

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Linda C.

We have 3 children that have gone through music class at the local high school.  All of them rented their instruments from Encore.  They have great equipment and extremely good pricing.  They even offer lessons if you want.  We’ve been customers for 10 years and would recommend them to anyone.


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Great Service

My daughter had an issue with a broken valve on her trumpet and needed it in time for a big performance.  Encore got it repaired the same day and she was able to play that night.  Couldn’t be happier.  Thank you Encore!

Susan W.

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We also offer a full line of repair services.  From guitars to wind instruments and even pianos.  We’ve got you covered

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Music Lessons


Come in today and ask about our music lessons.  We offer everything from classical instruments to guitars and drums.  Pricing is by the hour.


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